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Lockdown fitness
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Lockdown fitness

29 January 2021

It is perhaps belated, to really become more interested in fitness in your forties. However, I am genetically lucky (in some respects) in that I am inclined towards being very slim, elfin-like even — because I'm also not very tall.

My weight and size has stayed fairly constant: I am a mere 2kg heavier now than I was at 17. As I have got older, gaining weight seems slightly easier than before, but I am trying to be mindful of how much I put in my mouth versus how much energy I expend.

As of January 2021, the UK has been yoyoing in and out of COVID-19 restrictions for nearly a year, so our family has greatly minimised any time out of the house. We're no recluses, but I am just as happy staying at home, organising up a storm (only virtually, the place isn't exactly pristine), as I would be sitting in a café reading a book.

Muddy Altra Lone Peak trail running shoes
Muddy trail running shoes

Prior to the first lockdown in March 2020, I had started running again. My habit was to drive to Coate Water and run a couple of laps. Then we locked down, and as I've recently explained to a friend, I can't just take my small humans with me and focus on a run, as they are feral and will go off in different directions.

Hence my home fitness project. Here are videos and workouts that I have been using, both in the past and present — past because I get bored easily, but they are kept here in case I want to go back to them.

Splits workout guide
The splits workout

Browsing for quick workouts (because doing virtual school with small humans involves so much more than just sitting them down in front of a computer) on Pinterest led me to a site called Darebee. They provide warm ups, workouts, fitness programmes, stretches, meal plans, and daily fitness challenges — all of which are released under Creative Commons.

Every weekday, if I haven't gone to bed too late the night before, I get up an hour before the small humans, wash up, grab a drink, and take some exercise. It sets me up for the day. I am definitely stronger than I used to be, though my push ups are still woeful.

An example of one of their workouts is on the left; go visit their site, use it, and donate to help keep them going.


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