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A reverse-chronological list of thoughts I had to get out of my head.

11 June 2024
Don't fight it
Let's just keep doing the same thing

5 June 2024
Lies. That's all.
The debates start

5 April 2024
Best of a bad lot
But clinging on to hope

14 March 2024
Not a betting person
Statisticians, assemble

28 February 2024
Depressed supper
Things with faces

27 February 2024
Zero Cool is back
Spandex. It's a privilege, not a right.

28 February 2023
Socially-turgid hard-of-thinkers
Someone is always the exception

22 February 2023
The fiends, I tell you
The 'controversy' around 15-minute cities is so disingenuous

21 February 2023
This is me wading in
Thoughts on trans issues without having skin in the game

29 October 2022
Ending October on a high (temperature)
A beautifully warm day in an unusually warm month

18 October 2022
If only they would go into coalition
How much more will people take of this shitshow?

13 September 2022
Some words on masking
Public health has given up on public health

28 June 2022
Harvest begins
Small pleasures found in the allotment

24 May 2022
Shoulder-high grass at the Redcliffe Street Leisure Gardens
And more news of our benign neglect of green things

17 May 2022
We used to be creative, you know
Astounding our children with our creative endeavours pre-reproduction

12 May 2022
Didn't need to go to university for this
Wherein I find an answer to one of life's eternal questions

6 May 2022
Who are you really defending
Posting an entire quote from Pastor Dave Barnhart

5 May 2022
Voting rights for apples
Bigger, better snacks for the M&Ms, and local elections day

1 May 2022
We don't talk about tractors
The first Sunday event of the Richard Jefferies Museum summer season

29 April 2022
Point the finger the other way
In which disgust and cynicism hold hands

28 April 2022
New start (again!)
An initial post to help work through the design and layout

2 March 2022
March 2022
Noteworthy things from March 2022

24 February 2021
Family History
Scanning photos for a family archive

28 January 2021
Vegetarian lentil lasagne
Template for making a vegetarian, lentil lasagne

9 May 2020
Experiments in all that is slimy
Trying out recipes and methods to make modelling / play dough and slime