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December 2021
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December 2021

10 December 2021

A Christmas Carol is not cosy, and its angry message should still haunt us:

“People were terrified of overpopulation, especially among the poor, and they believed that if people brought children into the world that they couldn’t afford to keep, they were almost committing a crime. This is what Dickens hated, this attitude.”

MPs and citizens who say the poor shouldn't have children because they can't afford them (needing free school meals, food banks, etc.) — congratulations, you actually are a Dickensian villain.

“Free speech is the right to speak. The contemporary liberal reframing of it as a right to speak without consequence enhances the privileges of those who have power and demonises and silences those without it.” Jo Maugham, 10 December 2021

That Downing Street Christmas Party – the Law, the Policy, and the Politics

“... there will now be no perceived legitimacy whatsoever in the government direction and guidance on public health generally and coronavirus in particular... this government could not have done more to compromise its political position.”

I hope this is (finally) the beginning of the end — with Johnson abandoning his own staff to the wolves — but will also not be surprised if he gets away with it again.

But Ant and Dec, though... if they're being pointed about it on a popular teevee show...?!