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August 2021
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August 2021

19 August 2021

“if Cowboy is dead it's our fault for going there in the first place, giving his family the option of trusting us when we are the least trustworthy people on the planet

We use people up and throw them away like it's nothing” — ‘Nazi b*****ds’: GPs facing torrent of abuse and violence as patient frustration boils over, 15 August 2021

“When you’ve got an already demoralised workforce, and then they start getting kicked by the very people they are literally killing themselves trying to help, what happens is that people start burning out, they start going off sick; and that means that there’s more pressure on the doctors who are left, so they burn out, they go off sick, and before you know it you’re not going to have a workforce.” — Laura Jedeed, 22 August 2021