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Some words on masking

The Mystery of Why Some People Don’t Get Covid

I'm expecting that my family falls into the judicious caution, sheer luck, and not being massively sociable in the first place category.

Only thinking about it because this weekend, as we are most places, the only people masked indoors or in a crowd. I caught a part of a conversation where someone I sort of know must have asked my colleagues (i.e. fellow volunteers at an event) why I was still wearing a mask, as the conversation following their response ("It's her prerogative,") was about how this man's wife continues to wear a mask when he doesn't.

It's very simple. I haven't had Covid (that I'm aware of). I'd like to keep it that way. And if we are unlucky and do catch it, I'd like to make sure I catch it as few times as possible. We still need to develop neutralising vaccines and effective treatments to stop the disease from killing and disabling people.

That's why my family still wears good quality masks.

Date posted:
13th September 2022