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Voting rights for apples

Like most families, we have a very busy life yadda yadda yadda. The point is, we try to eat our dinner together every night, no matter the time. It takes a lot of scheduling and when you're also obsessively figuring out WordPress again after years of not using it, it's hard to keep up.

Basically, we eat late. The M&Ms go to bed late, so they're tired, hungry, and grumpy little shitbags by the time dinner rolls round. They take an absolute age to eat their meal. I tried simply giving them more 'lunch' type food last week, and all it did was trigger complaints of there not being enough food, and they took just as much time to eat less food as they did with a full dinner.

Now I'm trying bigger, better snacks between lunch at school and dinner. Extreme Catholic guilt occurs if I simply buy prepared snacks. If I give them basic fruit and vegetables, they don't eat much of it and we're left with the same whininess and food waste.

This week I got a chocolate chip brioche loaf from Aldi and have made them a sandwich consisting of almond butter, thin slices of apple, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Last week's was the usual winner, a large bag of smoked paprika flavoured popcorn, so let's see how this holds up in comparison.

Apple, almond butter, cinnamon sandwich
Chocolate chip brioche bread, almond butter, apple slice sandwich

They've endured years of food experiments.

I also voted in our local elections today. They may only be for local councillors, but it sends a message to central government. I am pessimistic that our council will actually change in any way (it seems they can fuck up beyond anything remotely reasonable, and still the think-they-haves keep returning them to power in case they get taxed on wealth they will never actually possess because it suits those in power to keep them in their socio-economic place).

Until not one single person in this country is having to wear a coat indoors, use a foodbank for half a weeks dinners, or dead as a result of Conservative austerity ideology, not voting or spoiling your ballot paper is a privilege that millions can’t afford you to exercise. VOTE!

Jack Monroe, 4th May 2022

Date posted:
5th May 2022