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Family History

At the beginning of 2021, I started a long-overdue project — scanning a stack of photos I kept when my grandparents' effects were being cleared. They passed before 2000, so I've been sitting on these a while. Anyway, a friend recommended I scan them all, as this is what anyone who was archiving photos would do.

Here are some highlights.

Castel Nuovo, Naples, Italy

This was the first time I had asked Twitter for help, as I didn't even know where to start finding out where this was.

Twitter screenshot 1
What is this castle? Where is it?
Twitter screenshot 2
Some wondering...
Twitter screenshot 3
And an answer! Naples.

After the castle was identified, I was able to ask my aunt for her memories — the only living relative who would remember. Possibly shot on my uncle's trip by boat from Singapore to Genoa, on his way to Oxford for university studies in 1957, or thereabouts.

Sky Theatre, Great World Amusement Park, Singapore

Sky Theatre
Different views of Sky Theatre

Sky Theatre was one of the attractions in Great World Amusement Park, which is now home to Great World City. It opened in 1958.

Aberconwy House, Conwy, Wales

Aberconwy House
A medieval merchant's house in Conwy

'Twas much easier to figure this one out, based on the note at the back. Aberconwy House is part of the National Trust, and looks only slightly different these days.

Date posted:
24 February 2021